We make order out of chaos.

We have all faced the chaotic chore of downsizing for ourselves, our aging parents, or the estate of a loved one.  When you encounter such situations, through years of "just living" or sensitive family situations, it is difficult to know where to begin.

Realizing that many potential clients approach retaining the services of an auction company under difficult circumstances, Robert H. Clinton & Company, Inc. has attempted to make the process as comfortable as possible. Founded in 1985, our company has grown to understand how to help you best navigate and manage your way through the circumstances of life. 

Our expertise, coupled with our desire to remain students of new and emerging trends, allows us to understand how best to serve our clients. Through careful explanation and preparing a potential client to expect realistic results, Robert H. Clinton & Company, Inc. has managed and conducted auctions for numerous private individuals, estate executors, attorneys, bank trust officers, and small business owners.